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Top to Bottom Service Guarantee

What is the process glad you ask! The Auction Method of sale.

We will service our customers with honesty and integrity.

We shall endeavor to leave the contract better than the way we found it.

We will always strive to supersede our client’s expectations.

We guarantee a proper professional evaluation of personal and business property.

We will use our experience and knowledge to assist and not hinder our client.

We will maintain our education so that we are an invaluable resource.

We will continue actively working in our surrounding area to bring you the most value for your dollar.

We will have resources to verify market prices, and we will use multiple resources to guide us through the decision of what methods are best to sell the inventory.

We will be timely but not rushed so that all aspects are covered effectively.

We will not allow urgency to prevent us from meeting the obligations, bound to the auctioneer license that is held through the State of Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

We will make sure that immediate consideration is given to shorten rather than drag the liquidation process out.

We will maintain our service to the client no matter what it takes.

We can help by making recommendations and laying out a plan to guide you through the liquidation process.
Do you really want the burden of garage sale for months every weekend, or would you rather make one call that does it all with a quick turnaround.
For example: what will you do with all the clothes, their car, all their furniture and earthly possessions, collections or even their home?

A proper professional evaluation of all of these things must have immediate consideration.

We can help by making recommendations and laying out a plan to guide you through the process.

We will only use capable employees that understand the delicacy during such times.

We will help you raise money for funeral expenses.

We can help you raise money for repairs to your home.

We can help you raise the funds you need to get back home.

We will help you consider the best time and how to sell to maximize your profit potential.

Let us help.


Texas Gulf Coast Auction Family

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